This database contains specific results of partial discharge (PD) measurement on medium voltage cable systems. Exclusively data from PD measurements were implemented which are validated by visual inspections of the located pd faults. The nature of PD defect strongly determines the risk for a final breakdown in service and the reliability of the cable system. The documentation of pd parameter, typical pd pattern and pictures from dissection of located terminations, joints or cable segments (PILC) should help all users of pd measuring equipment for evaluation of their own measurements and decision support for maintenance or replacement activities.

The database is a valuable tool and should be filled with relevant data from users of pd measurement systems world wide!

The motivation to exercise pd diagnosis for quality control of new installations, in case of serial failures in accessories or in PILC should be supported by the knowledge sharing in this database. For on site pd measurements on cable systems the following excitation voltages are commonly used:

- 50/60 Hz continuous AC voltage
- 50 – 500 Hz Damped AC voltage (DAC)
- 0,1 Hz VLF sin voltage
- 0,1 Hz VLF CR voltage / 50 Hz Slope

PD parameter must be reviewed for the specific test voltages, therefore the data can sorted according the used type of test voltage. Because pd defects in MV cable systems are mainly located in accessories the database is structured for the different types. Handling of the database is self explaining, only to explain some abbreviations: TJ = transition joint; belted = PILC belted type; radial = PILC with radial field. For viewing the database no registration is necessary! If you want to submit new data, please register with your e-mail address and password. You get a confirmation mail immediately and after login the data input and upload of pattern and pictures from visual inspection is very easy.

All your submitted data are protected and can modified only from yourself! Please contribute only useful data to built up a high quality knowledge database!